Poster Feedback

After presenting the final poster, I got some feedback. The feedback consisted of:

The design was too obvious, and communicated the exhibition too clearly. I was suggested to completely change my design, and explore the idea of the pixels behind RGB colours on a screen. Possibly look into using the buttons on the games controllers as a way of enhancing my design. Also, it was said that the font I had cut out by hand, made the poster look too much like a Russian propaganda poster.


I appreciate feedback, and will take on board anything necessary to further my designs and research. However, to have such feedback in the form of ‘completely change my design’, on the deadline in which this project was to be handed in, was not very constructive. Suggestions to look into things such as the pixels in a RGB screen, I didn’t think was relative to my design process, as the brief asked we investigate with PRINT.

Furthermore, when I asked fellow students what they thought my poster was advertising, not one person told me what they thought it was for, therefore this poster is not, as suggested, communicating too clearly. It is merely teasing at the idea of what it could be. In my professional opinion, a poster should not be created to confuse the audience if the poster is trying to advertise something. I am advertising an exhibition that is to do with gaming graphics, the use of controllers mimic this, and the title of the exhibition is clearly placed across the page, with the event venue at the bottom. I think my poster communicates this exhibition with a clean, eye-catching, modern visual approach, with all the information needed.


The feedback I took on board was about the font. I can see how the font does not fit clearly with what the poster is representing. I investigated what I thought would be a correct solution and adjusted my design accordingly. Below are the new outcomes.

posteredit1 posteredit2 posteredit3




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