JTR Development

sketchbook sketchbook2

Above  just a spread of my sketchbook, scanned in, to show some progress of what my comic style will look like. Taking influence from Comic Noir and Frank Millar. I have influenced my comic style over time but still need to polish it up, however this is the approach I will be taking for this project.

Although, I have taken a slightly side ways approach also, as I found a great part in the script I am using to illustrate this story.


I thought you looked, up for a good time. Well, come and say hello to Jack.


No! No! Quick run girl! Run! I’m not to be trusted flee, flee while you can.


No! I want you. I want your flesh! I want your blood! I want all of you, the inside and the out.


No! Stay back! Stay back!

To illustrate this part of the script, I want to create a visual of what it might look like inside Jack’s mind. I have begun looking into some dark but psychedelic comic visuals. I want to create a scary source of visuals which the narrative will sit upon. This will create a visual atmosphere and attitude, plus forming tension as to what happens on the next page.

These are a few sources that I have been looking at from Dave McKean, Neil Gaiman, J.H.Williams.

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