Secret 7

A competition was held by a campaign called Secret 7. It was an optional project, outside of university, if we wanted to entre some work. Secret 7 offered seven different music tracks, ranging from old to new music. It was up to the artist (me) to listen to this track and get inspiration from the music to create a 7 inch record sleeve for the track. I could do as many or as little as I wanted, howveer, it had to stay a secret. Once the organizers compiled all the entries, they had the artwork on display, and the record sleeve, with the record of the track inside, would be bought. Unknowing what the track would be inside.

I done a range of designs but did not get put through to the exhibition.

My fellow student Silvia Liano did. So we went to see the exhibition, to see Silvias design, and also get inspiration of such a large quantity of work!

(All photos are my own)

collar-bones-girl-hothothot-jaw-neck-skinny-favim WP_20160429_14_30_56_Pro WP_20160429_14_31_22_Pro WP_20160429_14_31_25_Pro WP_20160429_14_31_37_Pro WP_20160429_14_31_59_Pro WP_20160429_14_32_10_Pro WP_20160429_14_33_33_Pro WP_20160429_14_34_54_Pro WP_20160429_14_35_51_Pro WP_20160429_14_36_38_Pro WP_20160429_14_37_22_Pro WP_20160429_14_37_51_Pro WP_20160429_14_39_00_Pro WP_20160429_14_40_27_Pro WP_20160429_14_42_57_Pro WP_20160429_14_44_00_Pro WP_20160429_14_44_42_Pro WP_20160429_14_44_48_Pro WP_20160429_14_45_02_Pro WP_20160429_14_45_43_Pro WP_20160429_14_45_51_Pro WP_20160429_14_47_07_Pro WP_20160429_14_47_26_Pro WP_20160429_14_47_48_Pro


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