Comic Book Prototype

I have now begun compiling, what I have done already, of my book using Adobe InDesign (see screenshots).

2016-05-07-(1) 2016-05-07

Doing a mock up/prototype helps me get a real feel for the book. From page to page, the size, the cut, the trim, the layout, the legibility and readability. I learn by mistakes and can make notes to improve. I have taken this approach from when I made a previous publication for my Editions project.

From this point I have a cover to design, and get plans ready for Risograph printing.

I have looked into paper and sizes. I am going off the format of the Sin City comic book by Frank Millar. The size is 6×9 inches, portrait. I have chosen for this size as it is somewhere in the middle of A4 and A5. It feels like a good size to hold and easily manageable to carry around. It will cost less to print due to less ink. Also, when as I have drawn my pages in A4, once these are shrunk down the size, the detail will compress giving my drawings a great deal of interesting visual values.

I will be printing onto a very thin cartridge paper, white, which will help bring the flat black colours to life. Plus using the Riso will give it that grittiness, which will compliment nicely onto the cartridge paper.

Learning from my previous publication (editions) , this time I want to go for much smoother cover. I have purchased some matt semi gloss card to use for printing the cover. This will give the book a crisp clean look. More professional and appealing to the audience.

And to make the cover I have been thinking of using a cropped image from within the book, or using a simple image which wont give anything away of what its about, but will create curiosity for people to want to look, or buy!


WP_20160507_23_00_25_Pro WP_20160507_23_00_43_Pro WP_20160507_23_01_00_Pro WP_20160507_23_01_12_Pro WP_20160507_23_01_21_Pro WP_20160507_23_01_33_Pro





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