Creative Shadows

alexei-bednij-black-and-white-shadow-photography04 Kumi-Yamashita-1-UNTITLEDCHILD Shadow-Photography-By-Solve-Sundsbo-1 StairShadow

Above are just a collection of images I have chosen to show, because I like them. I like them because they are normal photographs. However taken in a certain lighting they become something else entirely. The creative use of shadows can form many shapes. They can also show us a form of any shape. It is imperative  that the shadows are there, where they should be. This allows us to determine depth, dimensions and materials. Among other things.

Using this knowledge about how a shadow works is somewhat crucial to my illustrative practice. For my illustrations to work I need to look at every aspect and element of subject. Whether real life or imaginary. Shadows are what bring a drawing the life. It gives it strength on a 2D sheet of paper. I helps tell a story with emotion, mood and atmosphere. It helps define the object/subject I am drawing and can take all the guess work out of creating perspective or proportion.

I can use this knowledge and information of shadows, and their importance, to enhance my drawing skills, my narrative imagery skills, and create new rendering techniques to enhance the shadows and lights of my work.


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