3D drawings

3d_drawing___world_drawn_by_pencil_by_nagaihideyuki-d5rv3yt Eiffel-tower-3D-400x576 snake_by_jjkairbrush-d5i2x85

The above pictures relate to my last post really well. I mentioned how important shadows are to my illustrative practice. This photos show this exceptionally well. If were not for the shadows, these drawings would be half as good as they look in the pictures. The shadows give depth and perspective and form.

This type of drawing takes a lot of skill in order to get the dimensions and angles right. I find it extremely clever, and innovative. This kinda artwork/drawing inspires me to work harder and do things better, with more precision.

This just shows how important the shadows need to be around an object. In order to create a good shadow effect it is crucial that we understand where the light source is coming from. Of, course if it was not for light, we would have shadows. One cannot exist without the other, hence why its crucial for me to understand the information needed to demonstrate this kind of level of drawing.


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