Cinema 4D Tutorial

Outside of my normal studio (Local Universe) I have been joining Adrian’s Cinema 4D application tutorials. He goes through step by step some simple and very effect tools in which to create objects, lighting and general application interface basics.

The first tutorial was to to create a bottle and be able to put water inside.

The second was to make bump maps in order to create materials based on references of a bottle. Cap/Lid and label.

The third tutorial was to demonstrate how to manipulate cloth material. Making cloth drape over text, then making a cushion with hair.

The final was to create a caustics lighting effect. Global illumination



Cinema 4D is something I did not know about before University. To be able to join in this these tutorials has been extremely valuable. Not necessarily to my practice, as my strengths are in drawing and illustrations, but in terms of gaining knowledge. I can adapt my learnings of 3D application into my practice, and knowing what Cinema 4D can do, I could easily collaborate with someone using this application. The tutorials have been thoroughly insightful. I feel I have gain the right amount of information within the timed tutorials I get, to be able to do wonderful things, the correct way, no cheating! From the tutorials I know how to do things such as;

  • navigate throughout the interface/menus
  • shortcut keys for convenience
  • Different viewing angles and layout screens
  • how to create shapes
  • how to create materials
  • how to bring in textures
  • ‘create the scene’, quoted by Adrian, meaning to set up walls and floors around an object
  • sculpt forms, bezel, lathe, taper, array
  • create cloth, which is malleable
  • stage lighting, plus lighting effects
  • render, plus render settings

Before 4 tutorials ago, which are approx. 3 hours long, I knew nothing. I can now use these tools and skills to create objects to high standard. Which I could then, in, turn, place in my illustrations as a mock up or apply to show demonstrations. Using this programme also helps me keep fresh and current, moving on with the world as it becomes more and more digital. I can even defy rules of reality by changing the lighting effects, or shine of a material, beyond what we have in real life! Gaining this information, makes me comfortable in knowing that I keeping in touch with how the art industry is in constant movement and changing, evolving, and I am a part of that.

I will carry on the tutorials to gain even practise on Cinema 4D. Plus once moving in Level 6, I will hopefully collaborate with it within my illustrative style of working.

(below are a few snapshots of what I have produced in class)

screen-shot-2016-04-22-at-1-11-52-pm WP_20160429_11_23_52_Pro WP_20160506_11_04_10_Pro WP_20160506_11_59_13_Pro WP_20160506_12_15_03_Pro WP_20160506_12_24_53_Pro




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