Craig Oldham

Craig Oldham. A fucking legend in the fucking making.

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Oldham bought humour, passion, creativity, happiness, sadness and a lot of bad language to the hothouse talk. It was extremely refreshing to hear such a different approach to a presentation about yourself. Don’t judge a book by its cover, is a saying I now understand. Amongst that hard, laddish, confident exterior Craig is a very passionate, clever and thought provoking designer. He talked us through the history of the miners strike in the 80’s and how it was just a massive part of his life, for his country and for his family. To give these people recognition for there, upright, bravery and strength within such a horrific time, he created a book, the way it was meant to be made. To show the world some truths. In Loving Memory Of Work.

As I said, it was refreshing to hear this approach, to talk about a project from behind the scenes, and not just flash slides up of work his done, and doing. He really shone out in how dedicated he is to making his work his own, I quote,

“If you’re going to do something, fucking do it right”.

This is so true. He explained how we, as students, people, designers, need to keep our eyes open and observe the unobserved. He believes everyone is a designer, from someone with a marker pen in the toilet, to a painter in a studio. It just so happens that people who want to BE designers just get the solution a little quicker.

I will take away from this talk, the fact that if I want to pursuit something, just go for it! And don’t fuck it up! I will keep in mind that if something needs doing, then I will work to do it properly, in the creative sense, whilst being practical, and realistic. Taking the approach to a project from all angles.

Talks like this feel like they come from the REAL world, and from REAL people. Not just ‘designers’ blinded by their computer screens.


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