Comic PSD Cover

Further mock ups. In order to visualise my comic book outcome to its full finish I have created these images. Using PSD cover actions in Photoshop I have created these renditions. This has helped me realise that I needed to adjust my pages and colours and techniques even more. This digitally rendered book has made me see what my pages look like on glossy paper and have decided to get my book printed professionally from a printers, in order to achieve this high level, and really make my illustrations stand out. Also by making some pages full bleed, where I can, it has given the book a much tighter finish and give the reader a more fulfilling display of work. Plus, it was a conscious decision to put in two pages of pencil work, zoomed in, it is a nice addition to the end of the book and gives the reader a small insight in the comic book. This idea was taken from comic books I have which have pencil layouts in them.

Comic mock up cover mock up 2 backcovermockup Untitled-1-copy Untitled-2-copy Untitled-3-copy Untitled-4-copy Untitled-5-copy Untitled-6-copy Untitled-7-copy Untitled-8-copy Untitled-9-copy

The final blood splatters were created by using Photoshop brushes, which I chose and downloaded, then arranged on Photoshop. They have given the overall look of the book, the atmosphere I wanted. By using just black and white with red and made me realise that working with shadow is important. Using white space also plays a huge part in giving the reader breaks in the book, as it allowing them to breathe.


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