Evaluate and Reflection – Communication

I believe I have captured the correct imagery, atmosphere, construction and balance in my comic book to a high standard. I wanted to really push my narrative illustration skills with this last project. Looking at the comic noir style from Frank Millar helped me develop my drawings for this style of novel. Looking at J.H.Williams‘ psychedelic style helped me create a variation of ideas. Plus looking at previous Jack the ripper graphic novels helped me create a different style from the books I found.

I have used parts from various projects throughout the year in order to accompany me in making the best out of my comic book. I have used the skills I required with making my Editions booklet, this has helped me in making paper choices more effectively, choosing colour schemes, plus using the mock ups to enable me to get a good feel and to adjust and annotate my work accordingly. I have used the information from the Editorial brief to help me extract images from the text. In this case script. By picking out various words and expressions within the speech I was able to come up with thumbnail ideas to create my final pages. This helps me communicate my texts/words into imagery/illustrations. I have used the posters/printing project feedback to help me choice the correct font for my comic book. I have adapted this knowledge into the difference in speech bubbles for different effects for voices. Using different fonts to suggests different sounds, feeling and emotions. Plus using the printing techniques to decipher what printing equipment I wanted to use. Also adapting this information to some page designs by creating the silk screen dots.

Within my pages, I have taken inspiration from various artists and comic book I enjoy reading. I have used my research into the buildings and textures brief to create a familiar but exaggerated illustrations of the gate leading in to the Altab Ali Park. I have used the trees to create an eerie texture and atmosphere. Plus using my style to create modern realisation of a Jack The Ripper story.

This project was quite possibly my favourite out of the year. It really drove me to create a professional looking piece, from which I would use as a portfolio piece in a job interview. I have used all my transferable skills from various projects to help me develop this final project to my full potential. There are a couple of snags I would change; if I had more time, I would create more backgrounds, make some pages into full bleed (even though some are already), and taking my knowledge from the texture project/task I would like to have maybe coloured this comic book with watercolour techniques.


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