Evaluate and Reflection – Texture

Another fast project. Just taking our observational drawings from buildings and textures of our local universe. To now adapt our drawings from 2D to 3D.

However first I wanted to explore using different media. I draw with pencil and/or pen. This is convenient and good for my drawing style. But, moving onto using watercolour, paint and drawing ink was a good step to create a different feel to my artwork.

I visualised some of the sky riser apartment buildings as kind of dirty and dingy. This is just my interpretation. To achieve this atmosphere and narrative, I used drawing ink with a dry brush in order to create a dirty and grayscale piece of art. Using different medias and colours and techniques is a good way to get my drawings to another level.

From taking some photographs of Brick Lane I used watercolour, acrylic paint and drawing ink to create this bright, vibrant lively place. Using mixed media in this way is a great way to capture the colours and textures they from over the different layers of buildings and lighting shadows.

Making my 2D drawings in 3D representations, I used the textures to decipher what materials I needed to create them. Doing this gives me a great way to think about material and how it can change and create different shapes and textures. This is great for when I’m drawing as I can visualise how perspectives and details should look, more realistic.

Using mixed media creates a story within itself. People are drawn in by the materials and textures and emotions of the art. It helps them really visualise a scene instead of just looking at line work.


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