Evaluate and Reflection – People

Drawing people is one of my most favourite things. I thoroughly enjoyed this task. What’s difficult is trying to draw people, in public, whilst they are moving. Sometimes I could only capture gesture lines, or anatomy placement. Sometimes just a bag or a foot. However, this is amazing practise for be able to draw fast. Drawing fast is a key skill in the industry as I will need to get ideas down fast. Drawing fast is good to create movement and gestural lines, this creates a more realistic and fluid motion towards my line/mark making.

This is a great way of creating narrative. Just by drawing expressions, movements, clothing, all on one page gives the page a good sense of real life. To capture people of my Local Universe I wanted to try a get a different aspect of different people, from religious to cultural, from race to gender. Doing this kind of observation can give me a more developed visual vocabulary when drawing from memory.

Being able to draw different styles of people, with different emotions is essential when drawing comic book style narratives. This helps create a more detailed and clear visual of a story being told. There is a lot of see, and show in a  persons face.



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