Evaluate and Reflection – Signs

Sign and Language was a create insight into how we see the world around us. It is essential for an illustrator be observational. Not to dismiss anything we see. From graffiti to road signs. Everything is valuable when create narrative and signs are most dominant to a persons observations. Signs are everywhere, which this project has shown me.

Its good to look into what is most current into todays art culture. See industry standards of doing things, and then a completely different way.

I looked into creating alternative posters more as this can be a good way to get my own voice across as an illustrator. I had gone for a more digital approach to this project, in order for the format to be manipulated into various sources, like printed posters or digital based. Re-designing something is a great to way to investigate something. Working out what works and what doesn’t. This is vital to understanding design processes and achieving good quality outcomes that will appeal to certain audiences.


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