Evaluate and Reflection – Weird

This was a great project. Again, another observational task but with a twist. Not only was I being observant to my surroundings, but I needed to look high and low, deep and far. This is fantastic practise to gaining better ‘looking’ skills. Not only was I looking for interesting and misunderstood objects, I was also looking for a story. Like being a reporter of the weird and wonderful.

This was a create opportunity for me to create a comic style narrative. I wanted to find something which I could make a story from, or something that already has a story I could illustrate.

I found it difficult to ‘make up’ a story. I am not a story writer, I am more of a visual person. I would prefer to work from a script, visualising different cinematic views, however I gave it a go and wrote up my own narrative.

Sketching down thumbnails is a create way to just get my ideas down on paper. This helps me the long terms as I can look back a change things I want to. In order to create a good narrative, I want the reader to always be interested in each panel. This means I kept something things detailed and up close, other times just should long shots, and creating a scene. This was a silent narrative, so my illustrations had to be in good detail for the story to be followed.

I did enjoy this project, however a better time management could have helped me achieve a better scope of the project. Keeping the illustrations black and white helps with saving time, but I would have prefer them to all be coloured. I think I need to pay more attention to each page layout for the story is more fluid. However, I did try to keep my panels different sizes and shapes to create an interesting visual display of artwork.


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