Evaluate and Reflection – Beyond Limits

This project I enjoyed very much. I enjoyed doing the research for this project to find out any information based around my initial first ideas. Looking into this project in-depth helped me require the knowledge and information I needed to achieve a realistic approach. Finding out what type of technology is out there today, gave me a chance to develop my project further and help me present my idea with evidence to back up my theories.

Looking into this research in-depth also gave me the opportunity to apply a professional, yet creative, approach to solving blindness with my design. I was able to analyse the problems with blindness, and come at this project with a contemporary solution.

This level of research is crucial when trying to develop a new concept for something, and market it within a technological world that does not quite exist yet. However, I feel I have attacked this issue, by thinking critically about it, and coming up with a new innovative design. I can transfer this way of thinking and researching into other projects, which will lead me to a higher level of engagement with my projects.

I had chosen to get my design/posters printed in big scale (A1), which meant making conscious notes on image size and developing them for a good resolution to achieve a high quality standard of print.


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