Evaluate and Reflection – Duke of Uke

This project has taught me valuable lesson about how to present my work and work with a client, from a real life scenario. To be able to work for a client was a great experience. It helped me realise I needed to gather the correct information and knowledge about a particular subject in order to achieve an outcome the client would want to think about using. I had to ask specific questions and relate my development to the disciplines of quality the client would be looking for.

Not only did I have to make decisions about my own practise and what I wanted to achieve as an outcome, but I also had to think about what the client would want. This made me think about generating new ideas and designs based on different ethical standards and personal solutions.

Presenting my work helped me acquire a professional way of talking about my work. Speaking directly to the client, making eye contact. Also, more importantly how I present myself. No hands in pockets. I had to speak clearly, make sure the client understood how I come about making my outcome, and what application aspect they could have within my designs (Instagram). I needed to give an enthusiastic approach in order to get the clients attention and excited in my project. I took the clients feedback very serious made sure I made notes about what was said so I could reflect and evaluate any adjustments that needed doing.

Overall I enjoyed the experience with working for a  client, and have come to realise that it is a much harder world to please, than just my own personal taste.


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