Evaluate and Reflection – Editions

This project was a possibly my favourite. I took it back to my people’s project as I wanted to use some of my findings from that project and incorporate them into this project.

Making a publication is a fantastic insight into how booklets are made. It takes create amount of thinking and working out in order to achieve the correct page layouts and be able to print it correctly.

The introduction into different paper types was essential in making my artwork more professional. It is a good thing to have good art work, but also to complement this with the correct material is what really sells the art. I took inspirations from various booklets from our studio and chose the best to suit my Editions booklet.

Creating mock-up variations of my booklet is such a good practise within my practice. In order to get the correct visual rendition of something helps develop it further. Plus this takes all the ‘guess work’ out of page numbering and printing orders, if it is in front of you, it is easier to see it.

Using research into other artist helps me get a feel and inspiration into what I’m creating and helps move my project into a better professional state. Also helps me change or adapt my ideas so its different from the norm.

To help create a narrative throughout my booklet, it was essential to have the artwork direct the reader’s eye throughout the book. Directing the reading is what makes narrative more enjoyable and readable, but also to change things up can have a great effect too.

Overall I am happy with how my editions project turned out. Making, printing and trimming the booklet myself, made it feel more organic and personal. This project did last a bit longer than the previous, this gave me more time to think carefully about decisions. Things like, typeface, colour, materials. It’s important to get the correct balance of graphics and illustrations, this helps drive each element of my artwork and creates a narrative between them.


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