Evaluate and Reflection – Editorial

Editorial illustration is a main point of what I would associate being an illustrator is all about. Illustration comes from the latin term ‘Illustro’ which means to Enlighten. Meaning an illustrator is someone who enlightens.

This falls into Editorial illustration perfectly. The main objective of this project was to be able to manipulate text/articles into forms of imagery. The workshop on how to extract a piece of text was fantastic. A great insight into how Editorial illustration works. It helped me look at the important elements of a written text and to choose words that impact the story from which an illustrator can create imagery. In turn I use this knowledge and information to create images/illustrations to complement the given text.

Looking into editorial illustrators was a good insight into how I can develop my own practice and style into todays current competitors. However, looking into places that have editorial illustrations, for example The New Yorker, I felt was more valuable. It become clear that there are certain types of illustration based work out there for specific subject and places. One editorial piece works, whilst another would not.

This project helped me develop a style based on an artist I found interesting. This changed my style of working completely and gave me a challenge. The workshop of how to manipulate text and images was valuable to my practise. I can use these skills and techniques to adapt my work to different sources of work. I can also transfer these skills to different projects and take different approaches in the future.

It would be good to find my own style and voice related within editorial illustration as there looks to be a lot of work out there for it.


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