Evaluate and Reflection – Moving Image

This project was a great insight into how I can make my artwork into something else. A moving image. Getting illustration to another level of practice. I enjoyed research into various types of motion imagery which really sparked ideas and inspired me to try out different things. Making try outs of different motion imagery was extremely valuable to this project. Doing different techniques like stop motion, subtractive drawing, animation etc. really gave me a feel for the time it takes to do just simple task, however, very involved and fiddly to get correct.

I took the approach on this project, from a previous project. Bringing in my getting weird comic narrative. I thought this was a great opportunity to bring my comic drawings to life. Researching into motion comics has led me into a new era of motion imagery which I enjoy a lot and will hopefully venture into more. The techniques I have learnt through making my illustrations move has in been very valuable, in retrospect I could further develop my drawings to compensate for future motion graphics, giving myself more possibilities for various outcomes.

Motion/moving imagery feels to me like the new and innovative way to create a true narrative. this is something I will hopefully look into more in the future. Doing this project has helped me realise that its good to keep current and try new things, this can improve my storytelling, illustration and skills.


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