Evaluate and Reflection – Ping Pong

This project was a mixture of emotions. Enjoyable, fun, stressing, creative, busy and collaboration of all sorts. I have gained skills from doing this project. I have learnt to attempt to present my work to a very high standard finish. This means to not have left over glue, smudges, paint marks and to not use bad materials. I have learnt to always seek out knowledge of a good source for materials and to apply these in a professional way.

Working in a group, having separate tasks, which should be bought together to form the bigger picture, is a valuable lesson I learnt. Creating the exhibition and marketing it required a great deal of development, creative skills and communication between my peers and I. It was crucial to make conscious decisions and to apply personal approaches to perform professional tasks and achieve good outcomes.

Helping others was a big part of this project. Being able to work together was a struggle, but as long as the communication kept tight and strong, it was easier to make negotiations and apply professional qualities to the event and activities needed to create a good event.

Creating my paddle was a lovely smooth project. I managed to create many thumbnails, ideas and generate new concept ideas to achieve my final outcome. I took a few weeks to make my paddle as I made quite an ambitious 3 dimensional, hand painted, brick wall design. I made sure it was made to a high standard by taking my time, thinking about presentation and how people would see it from looking up close, not only from far away. I managed my time well in order to produce my paddle for the exhibition early! This gave me enough time to prepare plans for curating and marketing the event.



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