Evaluate and Reflection – Posters

If there was any project to generate narrative it would to be with advertising, and poster design. To find a source to advertise was a fun investigation. I wanted to do an event within the Local Universe to which my poster could be a part of. I also looked for something of my interest so the I could drive this project with my own voice. Plus the event I found had no visual advertising on display so it was like working with a blank canvas.

Using my knowledge from the previous project Signs and Language, I transferred my skills from that project to this.

In order to create a good piece of advertising, I wanted it to be visually clean, to the point and to communicate the information clearly and effectively. I think this is what creates a good impact when making advertising.

Using the workshop of creating different compositions and arrangements from my drawings was create practise in creating a good display of visuals. It was like a manual/handmade version of Photoshop. Working with cut outs and shapes was a great way to make variations of a couple of illustrations.

Researching into advertising from old to modern, was a great insight. this helped me drives my project into thinking about modern styles and what’s available on the market today. This helps me develop my own voice in illustration and to create something different from the norm, or to compliment what’s available today, in which audiences will be drawn to.

Using a printing process for this project, was somewhat of a difficult task. I never really know process to use, and I find it easier to make things into a digital form to avoid the mess and frustration of something not be produced correctly. However I do understand the importance of printing processes and which to carry this out further. Working from traditional to modern techniques is a create way to transfer skills, and create different visual aesthetics.



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