The Color Company

I have been trying to get a comic book printed, a specific size, quality, price, specific type of paper and with quality print control. After going to a few printing shops in London, they have all failed to produce or even understand what I was after. However at the end of a long day I was walking back to Fenchurch street station and decided to go into a shop I have walked past for almost two years! The Colour Company. Thinking they were only a big production company they would not be interested in doing small projects. However, I was completely wrong! I walked into the shop and was greeted instantly, with a smile and how can I help you? I explained about my project and what it was for and what I needed done, expected to be turned away. NO! Not only did the shop understand me completely they helped me in everyway they could. They showed me paper examples, samples, printing examples, they even complimented my artwork. The offered me such a good price. The customer service was outstanding, even when I made a muck up with my printing files. Their response time to emails was great, the customer service, inside and outside the shop was beyond great. The price was unbelievably reasonable, with fantastic turnaround time. And of course, the print quality and service to my product was professional in every way (see the picture of the comic book) I would recommend this company to anyone and everyone, and I will be using them for further printing projects. Thanks

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