Branding Adam

Branding Identity secrets revealed, with up and coming Graphic Designer, Adam Hayes.

  Woup Branding on PSD cover paper bag.

What attracts you most to brand? 
‘Noticing a brand by the slightest of images, or texts, which gives you the instance acknowledgment of the brand. Which can only be achieved by a thorough consistency throughout the brand.’ 

    Adam working on making a branding book.

How would you go about finding an identity for a product that hasn’t already got one? 
‘I usually start researching for relevant Identities that are already out there. Am I creating a brand associated with nature? Then I will start to build a heavily natural image based mood board, and take influences from all different kinds of moods and aesthetics and pull what I think works the best together.’   

Sketches of branding identity.
   Sketches of branding identity.

Do you get involved with collaborations, or are you a lone rancher? 
‘I haven’t yet collaborated with another designer, but that doesn’t mean I prefer to work alone. Even though I haven’t collaborated on any finalised pieces, I would still consider the advice and ideas shared with my pears as a collaborative process.’

Trying out visual ideas.
        Trying out visual ideas.

How would you describe the personality of a brand, and how much of your personality do you put into a brand? 

‘A brand should have exactly that ‘personality’ and although there may be lots of similarities in the world each personality should be unique. A brand identity I have created, take Wonky Soup for example, I like to think I put a lot of myself into that kind of branding. I have always been very into nature, and creating a brand identity for a natural brand like Wonky Soup was very exciting, I felt like I could bring my two worlds together and really enjoy the designing process.’  

Process of creating a brand identity.
        Process of creating a brand identity.

Could you tell us some specifics about how you would go about refreshing a brand that has gone out of fashion? 
‘If by out of fashion, you mean, not as popular as it once was. Then I would start a process of rebranding, like I said earlier by creating mood boards. I would be looking at popular culture and drawing inspiration from brands that are very ‘in’ at the moment and build an understanding of why they’re popular. 

         Visualising the brand collectively.


Questions by James Notarianni

Answers and images by Adam Hayes –

Blog article inspired by Grafik article post –


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