Decoding Text

This is the first task of the brief, and the first workshop. This is decoding written text. The idea behind this task/workshop was to get us reading. We had to read the texts and chose which suited the individual best. Then we were the just skim through a piece of text and pick out words of our choosing.


Out of the text I chose the ‘Maiden Voyage’. This is a fictional novel based on a cruise ship setting off from Southampton port. It is a romantic story. However I took most notice of the description of the cruise ship and the beginning of this novel. I picked out descriptive words, short sentences, action words, etc.

Below is a photo of my sketchbook full of these words.


I decoded the texts/words by making them into visual representations of the words a  whole. ‘Streamline Super Structure’ is a good example of that. I had created a few, and then drew a picture of the captain, from a description from the book.



I had then begun to really put some strong visual words into accurate form, and a few thumbnails. In order to get the correct size, scale, and effects I will then move them into photoshop.







lack-of-sleep smoked-grimed-tugs superstructure towering



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