Maximum Meaning Minumum Means

The first of the Hothouse Talks kicked off today, with what I can only  describe as a presentation which consisted of the life of Abraham Games.

Naomi Games, daughter of Abraham Games, was our speaker. Abraham Games was an expert in advertising posters, and communicating a message through the smallest amount of information as possible. Games also utilised the use of an airbrush pen to its fullest and produced all of his artwork with them. He gave the airbrush the recognition it deserves.

The presentation consisted of a timeline display of Abraham’s most noted and important works. It was said that Games created this new modern style of art and poster making. His work was turned down by many companies by claiming they had no need for it, not because it wasn’t good, but because it was ‘ahead of its time’.


Once the World War Two had begun, he shortly become the army’s poster designer and maker. It was said that Abraham wanted to join the frontline and fight along side his fellow soldiers but the higher ranking officer made it clear, that soldiers were indispensable (as horrible as that it) but he was doing as much important work designing posters and creating maps as that was his most highest strength, and duty.









After the war, Abraham kept designing and making posters. He had become an extremely high standard in the advertising industry. However, he was still particular about the type of work he wanted to produce. He did not want to produce posters for advertising products for consumers, he did not like the commercial type of work. Abraham become a firm designer in creating artwork to inform people of certain things, such as medical issues, events and current affairs.

games-guinness games-hunger1_1024x1024abraham_games_02










However it was not necessarily Abraham’s artwork that intrigued me most. In fact, it was his perseverance and dedication to make something of himself, that’s what really stood out. Abraham was once told as a boy that he could not draw and therefore would not be a good designer. He was told that the airbrush pen would not be a sufficient tool. He went to university and dropped out after only two terms, because he did not like the education system or the tutors teaching methods. He had to go out to work to earn a living, yet did not get along with his bosses, and was ultimately fired for misbehaving. Despite all of these things; Abraham essentially created what we call graphic design today, proving his school tutors wrong about not being able to draw. He achieved wonderful artworks with the airbrush pen, making it a more than sufficient tool. He carried on pursuing what he loved doing, creating adverts his way, proving that education had nothing to do with passion. Most of all, he wanted to become his own boss, and made that happen, throughout the Second World War and further. This is what I enjoyed most about the presentation, some inspiration and a true voice of a designer. Nothing more, nothing less, true hard work.


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