Visual Narrative


As a lead on from the visual metaphor workshop, I took my digital collage and put them to one side. I have decided to take a more illustrative/drawing approach to the next step of development. I have also decided to now just focus on one text, which is, Ann Vickers: Southampton Zoo.



Getting inspired by my comic artwork I took the sense of this Candy Floss stand a bit further. The text describes that she was not sure if there even was a candy floss stand. Ann is trying to recall a memory, if the memory even exists. This felt to me like a dreaming sensation. Reading a lot of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman at the moment I have taken great influence on the artwork. So for this illustration (below) I took a lot of elements that I liked into consideration. Trying something new, I suppose. I used an element of collage by taking fragments of the candy floss stand and arranging them into shards of memory. This is also a display of cropping parts of an image to create a different visual narrative. I used a lot of colour to express the fact that this might not be real life, more of a dreaming sensation. Also, I used a directional placement of text and directional lines to guide the reader across the page. I was happy with how this turned out, as it is a step towards a style I’d like to produce.


However, in studio tutorial, this artwork was not encouraged and it was suggested I go back to look at the text and try something different.


I also drew a picture of James the chimpanzee, described from the chosen text. However I thought it would just be cool to draw a Gorilla. why not?





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