Zoo Research

Taking this project in a slightly different direction, I am almost thinking about some final outcomes; Or at least, what I would like to go forward to the end with. I have taken the text of Ann Vickers Southampton Zoo, and will focus on giving this written text some visual life.

Making my premiere footage video gave me a sense of memorial direction, in the fact that she is remembering things as she writes. Ann Vickers is giving me a description of this zoo, but not necessarily a good one. She talks about how it was really quite grim and dirty; how the animals were rangy and tired, and how it felt to her like a dumping ground for circus animals. I am getting an idea in my mind about some kind of memory book or posters, to say to the audience ‘Don’t Forget Southampton Zoo’ or something like that. So, I wondered what else I could find out about this Zoo. I come across an old Chipperfields Circus poster! Result! I looked into more to see if I could find any for the specific zoo, however I couldn’t, but I did look into zoo posters…

The Chipperfield Circus poster was the only one I could find which resembles Southampton Zoo, as written in the text Ann only mentions Chipperfield. I love the way this poster is a just a big splash of fun and colour. Every chance to use a coloured drop shadow, it’s there.  The other posters I was looking at have a very minimal and simplistic style. The Brookfield Zoo posters have a distinct screen printed look about them, the block colours and crisp edges. The posters from The Gulf Breeze Zoo also have this screen printed looked about them. To me it looks like they have been produced and printed digitally, because the colours look very balanced and bright.

For reference I have produced an animal study, based on the zoo animals Ann Vickers recalls in her written text. The polar bear, the monkey, the lion and a camel. I collected images of various type of these animals and made drawings in order to find basic shapes in which to draw these animals from memory, if I need to.




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