Animal Study Mark Making

Since my last blog, Zoo Research, I have begun to develop my animal study drawings. I used A3 sized paper to draw out the animal faces that I wanted, and tried to add some characteristics into them, in a style that I like to draw. That is; quick, loose, detailed, dashing, delicately and precise. Drawing this way has taken some years to learn, and by quick, I don’t mean rushed, I mean fast pencil marks. This type of mark making, I think, brings energy to the page and helps the viewers eye to wonder around and pick out details that they didn’t catch the first time.


Once I had completed the drawings, using 4mm lead mechanical pencil, I scanned them into the computer. I have not altered the drawings in anyway. What I want out of my drawings next was a clean, simple, block, outline structure of my drawings. I achieved this by drawing only the fewest details around some of the elements of my drawing, thus creating black and white prints. The next step was to add colour. I wanted the screen print effect that I had seen in the posters I had looked. For this I picked out colours from the images I had sourced and referenced from. I used an airbrush, which I adapted to created this dissolved, spray effect seen in the works of Abraham Games work, I thought this works well to create shadows and colour blending techniques.

camelprint lion-print monkeyprint polar-bear-print camel-colour lion-colour monkey-colour polar-bearcolor


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