Animal study stop motion

Taken the animal descriptions from the Ann Vickers Southampton Zoo text, I am now thinking of a different way of using my drawing skills. Instead of just producing drawings on paper with pencil, I am trying to find different, more interesting ways, of doing that.

After some thought, it was not the pencil that was a problem, as such, but the paper. I need to look at different scales, applications, shapes, textures, and variations.

Something, I think almost everyone has done once, is make origami paper objects. This gave me an idea to create little zoo animals, out of paper, and not just draw them. This is now leading me down some processes and ideas of exploring illustration, I didn’t think I wanted to.

To document some of these ideas in a different way, I decided to produce a stop motion film, a very short one, of how I went about making and folding this animal.



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