Origami fail – plus Research

Taking my animal study a bit further. I needed to get away from the pencil. I was going to try and create a miniature zoo of origami animals. This has been proven to be extremely difficult. As I begun looking at how to make origami animals, I wanted to make some that were more 3D than 2D. I came across a couple of references to use. Behold, the World wildlife fund has already done a similar thing. They have given out instructions on how to make origami animals. This was some great inspiration and referencing.


However, even with the correct paper, and some patience, my results weren’t looking good. Extremely complex, and time consuming, origami had me beat. However, I was determined to keep on this track. I went onto do some research and find out if any other artists had done a similar thing. I thought it might be good to get some other ideas.


I have come across a digital artist, who’s work I admired. Jeremy kool. Not only did I find that he made origami animals, but, he was doing this digitally. He is a CG artist, a working concept artist. I believe he uses cinema 4d to create this fantastic objects. At first sight I thought these were actual paper sculptures. This shows how the detail of such a process can be so effective. There are little paper creases in these animals and folds that look extremely realistic. He is mostly known for a his creation of Paper Fox. This is an interactive story in which the creatures, animals, and settings are all created out of paper. This is a very innovative approach to paper folding, and a very playful way of using materials outside of their original form.






2 thoughts on “Origami fail – plus Research

  1. Origami is not easy but if you stick with it I think you will be happy with the results. You should start with easier models and work your way up. Good luck and I am happy to answer questions if you have them. I have been doing origami for years!


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