We Made This

Alistair Hall, the founder, creator of wemadethis.com, a company that works closely with clients and practitioners, printers and artist to create some remarkable objects and prints.

Not only do they have an impressive range of clients, but some extremely beautiful work. Most of there work I can see, and which he spoke about was a brand identifying. Something I am not all too familiar with. However, his project Hoxton Street Monster Supplies shop, is quite something.


It is a, sort of, gimmick shop. Something different. Something quite unique. Taking everyday items, such as; food, clothes, objects, stationary, and bringing them into a story about something monster like. The branding for this project is very very simple; a clean san serif font, black and white labels, and some humorous tag lines.


From their shop, to their website, the attention to detail has been perfected. This, I feel, is creativity and imagination at its best.



This is an inspiring journey to hear about, and what I will take away from this is to never give up. Alistair has shown that from a spark of imagination and some money to back up your project, that you believe in, can go a very long way. There are plenty of opportunities to expand from here. Attention to detail is a must for any project worth while. This talk has given me confidence to keep thinking about moving forward and pursuit what I want to, even if I just have the smallest idea of what I want.



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