Text & Image

Providing text and image in one piece of artwork, to me, is the most clear and direct form of visual communication. A piece of text can take the form of any message; a spoken word, a sentence, a fact, some fiction, a slogan, even a whole 200 page novel. Words can be written, and read, exactly how you want them to be heard or said. They can also been hiding a hidden meaning, being used as a metaphor or a simile. A picture, or image, are used and perceived in completely different ways. The saying ‘A picture can say a thousand words’ is not all too wrong.

When using image and text together, this can create a world of differences and similarities. By placing an image and a piece of text together, they can compliment each other, contrast each other and even contradict each other.

However, I believe the viewer, will always, without a doubt, be able to make a connection between the two, no matter how close or how far apart the text is to image.

I am using this information as a basis for my most current experiment, and taking inspiration from the posters I looked at for Zoo Research. I have used the sentence ‘Southampton used to have a zoo’ to communicate the notion that this should not be forgotten, or to remind people, or to even to let people know this for the first time. Using animal textures as my image, which compliments my chosen text well, I have put the two together in order to give the text a rightfull place as a poster, or book cover.

This textured placement/background as an image communicates the message of ‘animals’ clearly, quickly and pleasantly visually. The text gives a message of remembrance. Which is turn contrasts the two quite nicely, as there’s a slight difference in which the image and text communicates.

These are the first of my designs. I think with some more Font/text experimenting, these could become something really great. I have used a sans serif font, to keep the text strong and be able to stand out from the textured image. Whilst I was investigating into a suitable font I come across this. It is titled ‘A box for’. I thought that the little box around each letter was good as it gives the text an even stronger appearance, and helps contrast the text against the image even further. My decision for using this text, for the moment, is based really on how different it looks against the image, and it also looks like it has been made my hand, as if each letter had been cut into the box by hand. A nice organic touch to compliment the image as well.


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