Concrete Digital Zoo

Taking my development further from the origami fail, I’m glad I tried to make origami animals, as it has lead me onto creating something new. Having looked at another way in which to make origami type figures/shapes digitally, I decided to make 2D digital origami. For this I needed to create shape silhouettes of my chosen animals, and I done this by using my skills on the layers feature of photoshop.

I used a reference picture of the shape of the animal that I wanted to create and began cutting out shapes of different body parts, in order from furthest to nearest.

concrete-lionI then returned back to text and found the phrase ‘all concreate enclosures, dirty concrete enclosures’. To which I then used found images of concrete texture, to make my shapes out of.

I used one texture concrete image per animal, which gives them their own textured coat. To distinguish between the animal body parts, I adjusted the lighting levels from furthest to nearest, which gave me shapes a sense of shadow and layering. Just like it would be if done by hand, with cutting and sticking.

concrete-lion2 This was a basis that I used to create each animal in my concrete zoo.

I think what I am communicating here, is a fixture of something that was in the past. I have thought these creation could be made into man sized objects and perhaps placed in Southampton, where the zoo use to be as a memorial piece. It is a reminder of some of the animals which were at this zoo, and the type of conditions they lived in. Both contextualizing my work, and the text from which I got it from. These could be a series of prints, or be placed into a style of booklet to compliment the piece of text. I am unsure of what, or where, they could exist, but it is another piece of work I have created to keep my experiments open.



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