Russell Weekes

Russell Weekes, a refreshing honest voice, with a passion for creativity. It was interesting to here Russell’s opinion of himself, as he descried himself not as an illustrator or a graphic designer, but ‘A way of thinking’. He explains this by talking about how his artwork is created and based on how he, or the audience, see’s something out of the ordinary. For example, taking a drawing of a fig fruit, and giving it the caption ‘fig 1’ as a play on notion of the citation of an image (image below).









This way of thinking/creating has given him some great opportunities to have worked on making music videos for rock band Franz Ferdinand.

The way he uses scene/video transitions, he uses them in a playful way. An illusion of having the cast moving the clip itself. This is what he means by having a creative way of thinking. Taking something ordinary, and use it in a way that not everyone would think of.

Russell also told us about how he worked with a photographer Ali Mobasser. He spoke of his collaboration as a way of seeing his work differently and how not only can someone make his work look better and different, but its also good to complete a project with not 100% control over. An experiment worth while.

Russell spoke with confidence and with enthusiasm for creating. He is someone who can take a simple idea and make it something timeless. His working ethic seems fun and playful, yet has great meaning in how people see things, and not see things. He spoke about how creative people should just ‘do’ what they feel is good for them and to just let a creative mind be creative in all senses. I liked this talk.


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