Making A Living Day 1

Day one of Making A Living week had us in the hall with wonderful guest speakers, straight out the creative industry itself.

Will Hudson

The founder and director of It’s Nice That. A company, a blog and a creative team. Will spoke of his journey into the creative industry. Not a smooth journey as we might think. He spoke about having the idea for It’s Nice That when he was studying in university. An idea to create a student project from. His journey led from day to day jobs just making money to pay rent, eat and drink daily. His website didn’t make any kind of impact until him and his business partner Alex made connections with people in the industry.

What I took from this talk was when he showed us short interviews he made with his employees in his office. He asked them to speak a few sentences on how they become to work for It’s Nice That. It was great to see how each person had a journey completely different. Some people had studied as illustrators, musicians, designers, and some people had studied to be something within this career but turns out they each become something else like fashion production, administrators…various roles, not just a designer. A valuable lesson to learn, that everything is in reach, it just takes hard work and dedication to make it.

Plus, there was one slide in particular that really got into me. This was a slide Will used to describe a way of achieving success, by using Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 6 rules; it is incredibly inspirational.


Handsome Frank 

A design agency, consisting of contemporary artist, in which form a unique company building on making an easier and more controlled way of living for an illustrator. This presentation consisted on giving us information on what an agency can do for you, and why you might need one when going freelance. Tom gave us some great tips on how to depict a suitable and well managed portfolio; This consisted of having a consistent run of style and technique throughout the portfolio to emphasise that its ‘your’ work. He explained how using different style is good, but must have a good set of examples in different disciplines. Another point was to always get feedback on your work. This will help propel your work ethic and style and help you move forward in making a (living) successful career. Some very useful tips and tricks of the trade to help establish a voice in the industry. Good talk!

Alec Dudson

Alec Dudson is the founder and editor-in-chief of Inter Magazine. Alec Dudson told us his story of how this project of creating a magazine came about. It was not fully straight forward; for one he is not technically a designer, on paper, he studied in sociology. He had spent most of his life working behind bars and pulling pints. He wanted to get out there and start making a career of writing and journalism, but his hard work always fell short by having unpaid internships. As valuable as internship may be, to gain experience of a working world, a feel of what its like in a profession of your passion, to have something on your CV, however, this working experience is unpaid, an that’s not the best thing. So Alec took this opportunity to dive into a project and work for himself, “If no one would give me a job, then I will give myself one”, Alec said. He explained after a successful Kickstarter campaign he got the backing to produce his magazine project. Read more on the magazine one his website (linked into the name).

Alec’s presentation gave us an understanding of how a guy with an idea can achieve great things. Giving something back to the community and paying the artists featured in the magazine. On the back of this successful adventure Alec has managed to secure some very important sponsors, and he is now working for himself, doing something he wants to do. This is a goo way of making a living.



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