Making A Living Day 2

Second instalment of Making a living week, day two, we had some talks regarding real life struggles and opportunities. The talks consisted of a presentation by London Metropolitan’s business incubator; Accelerator .  The presentation took us through the ins and outs of how this accelerator launch-pad can help startup an idea or a project with some professional help and support. Accelerator is available for students within their studies or after graduation. Another tool to help us with our futures and careers.

The talk followed by a very enthusiastic presentation about being a sole trader and why it can be beneficial to work for yourself. I found this talk extremely valuable as its something that isn’t taught much in schools. TAX PAYING!  It was such a refreshing breakout of how to go about being freelance/self employed. There is some great help out their with all the information available online. It was good to be shown where to go. It took away the unknown and put me in a bright light of how to go about looking and dealing with this information, incase I may need it.

After lunch, we had a great discussion about how to display and what content to put in a CV. It is always good to hear different opinions and views on what to put in a CV. Each person, company, student, employer, employee and tutor is different in their response. This can be great as it gives a broad range of differences and similarities in a way to make my own mind. Some Q&A and final thoughts, overall it was a very educating experience.


I have learnt many things at Making A Living week!


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