Artist Research

In order to produce a riso print poster for a final collaborative outcome, I thought it would be good to revisit my animal drawing study. I have taken influences from many of my favourite artists, which I will give some examples.

The artist who’s work is above, goes by the pen name Jock, who’s name is Mark Simpson. A renowned comic book artist, but also does lots of film posters and concept art for movies. He always puts a lot of storytelling within one image. Within his film posters, he always tries to communicate a visual narrative, and not just an advertisement. giving the viewer a story to see, within an advertising statement. What I admire most about this artist is his style of drawing. His craft of drawing is very unfinished, sketched and scratchy. It has so much energy and lets the viewer complete most of the drawing for themselves. It is not a polished, fancy masterpiece, but when his work some together, his style really shows off movement and presents.

Another artist I looked at, which I was introduced by my tutor, is Laura Carlin. She has won many awards for her illustrations, and produced many editorial, commissions and books. Not only does Laura produce drawn illustrations, but she also transfers them onto objects, like in the images above, such as ceramics. What i like most about Lauras work is how child like, and innocent it is. Not every drawing is particularly accurate to its true form, things like anatomy of animals and people is by far not correct, however, it has been illustrated with such consideration to the content of the form that it makes great sense. I like the different use of tools Laura introduces to her practice. Her use of crayon and inks, watercolours and paints are such a joyful media to look upon. It just shows that not everything has to be perfectly accurate to be a good, well formed, illustration.


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