Concrete Figures

For a final outcome I have chosen to develop my concrete zoo even further. By making into a reality.

Taking the research and try outs I had done using the origami, then using that style and creating digital ones; I have used the shapes I created and made templates. To make these animals, I had to plan out the size, shapes, how many, time required to cut them out, and how to do all this. My first thoughts were, that I really wanted them to be manageable hand-held objects, and have the authentic concrete appeal that I got from using textures in using Photoshop. To make the shapes overlap and create an origami style solid object, I looked at cutting the shapes out of thin sheet wood.

In order for these animal shapes to be cut out, I headed over to a relative, whom is a retired carpenter, and had acquired all the relative tools I would need to make my cut outs. In doing so, I found some woo of different thicknesses and decided upon having a thicker wood for the body pieces and thinner wood for legs, and feature details. As I do not have the intense skills require to use a table jigsaw, I had my templates cut out for me. Once this was completed I reference my digital origami and stuck the pieces in the correct arrangement with contact glue. The animals had started to look great at this point, but I still needed that concrete appeal.

I ventured into using grey shades of paint, and mixed sand into this. I had the gritty consistency of concrete, but I felt it wasn’t enough, and I wanted something far more authentic. I had got a some feedback on what I could use, and it was suggested to me that I use actual concrete to cover them. I had never thought of this. It was perfect.

At first I had to cover the wooden figures in a PVA glue and water mix, in order for the concrete mix to be able to stick and dry better onto the wood. Applying the concrete mix destroyed some of my brushes, but the result was worth it. Left to dry in room temperature, the objects were complete.

This development of my origami trail had led me to do something out of the ordinary. I enjoy painting and making objects, even if it is far from my love of drawing. Doing this development and type of experimenting has shown me that it is worth sticking to an idea and following it through, and to go beyond the paper sometimes. I have got myself some great pieces of art and object to display. My next step was to get them photographed properly.


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