Gotham City

Task:  A visual record of a place, location or activity.


For this research/cultural archive task, I have chosen upon a place which only exists in stories. I am looking in ‘Gotham City’. No, not Batman. Gotham city to me is not only a place which exists on TV or in comic books, it is also a captivating character, a victim, in many stories told. In the TV series of Gotham, the city is spoken about as though it needs help, like a damaged person, a lost soul. In comic stories the city is a big over shadowing figure, looming upon the events that are occurring, holding back its own horrifying secrets. Gotham City is described in many ways, as dark and gloomy, the darker side of New York, the underbelly of the corruption and drug trafficking. Also, the city is commented upon on how it has created the very people who live there; Bruce Wayne/Batman of course, the crazies and hopefuls. A place that does not exist, but it’s very truly alive in every sense. A place that captures the person and brings out the worst and best in them. A place that has over 75 years of history, and is still creating surprises with more tricks up its sleeve.

“Hell burst through the pavement and grew” – Tim Burton


That is my impression of Gotham City, taken from years of reading comics, watching films and TV series, and playing through the city on video games.

I have compiled some visual images of different interpretations of the City. I urge you to even just watch this video. It explains how the City itself was the one responsible for killing Bruce Wayne’s parents…



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