Corinne Day

Corinne Day

Corinne Day was a British fashion photographer, documentary photographer, and fashion model. As a self taught photographer, Day brought a more hard edged documentary look to fashion image making, in which she often included biographical elements. The most notable of Day’s work was the photographs of Moss in the 3rd Summer of Love editorial for the FACE magazine in 1990. Days approach as illustrated within the lifestyle and fashion magazines of the 1990s, came to be known as grunge and grew into an international style.

kate-moss-by-corinne-day-vogue-march-1993 95e41bda6d58c656b0116837fcc0cae6


Corinne Day is a photographer that I quite like. Having looked into her work and knowing a bit more about her, I can see the comfortable relationship she had with her photo girls. Everyone in the photographs seem relaxed to be in the photo they are in. I don’t know for a fact that the girls in the photos are healthy, or even happy, but they seem to be content with their poses and facial expressions, seems like an effortless photoshoot. They are a simple way of documenting a model and their clothes, which I think has become the standard for this type of photography. Which is what I think makes these photos relatable to the audience. As for the photo’s themselves, they have a very professional appeal. Its clear that the settings have been chosen with consideration. The photos on white backgrounds seem to be shot in a studio with nice lighting equipment. The contrast and brightness have been controlled to produce flattering and clean images. What I think works the best is Day’s eye for colour. Be it neutral, natural or bright, Corinne seems to have a great eye for composition and exposure. The photos (below) are the ones I like the most. They all have similar qualities, even though they are various locations. They are pleasing to the eye, not over done on props, just ‘The model, clothing, and setting’.







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