Alice Moloney

Alice Moloney

Alice Moloney gave, what I thought, was a confident and engaging presentation, not only of her work but herself. She explained how graduating with MA in communication art and design, she wanted to stay living in London and went out seeking work to pay the bills. Work including private commissions, editorial and teaching.


When going for a job, Alice explained how she had found herself and her practice in illustration and a creative designer who draws. Not just an illustrator or graphic design, something that further combined the two. This lead Moloney to working in such creative roles and collective artworks, art direction and project managerial positions. Whilst still taking on fast paced, quick deadline, private editorial work.

After leaving teaching and various filler jobs, she entered in the sister company of it’s nice that, Anyways. This has lead to Moloney now creating and leading a creative team into making sticker art for social media in connection with Google.

I think this was a good start to the second term and the talk was not only based on Alice’s work, but how she has achieved a much need to create and do something she loves. This what I hold dear for my future, creating illustrations that I love, and of course getting paid for it. Moloney’s hothouse talk demonstrated that hard work and perseverance can lead to many great things. It also shows that no matter what job I might land it is always a good step towards better opportunities and improving my craft. On top of that, I was introduced to this social media favourite of stickers. Something to look into.





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