Summer Show Brief

For Design Competition module, each studio is split into groups within their studio members, and asked to compete against each studio group. The brief asks for each group to look at three initial ideas on how to theme, curate, exhibit, and market the end of year summer show.

These ideas have to be based around realistic ideas for what the university can budget for, and also to maximise the use of facilities within the The Cass.

Once we had meetings and discussed ideas for three different routes about the curation and the direction of theme, we was to them present them as presentation slides in the groups we were situated in.

Notes for the Brief:

  • Make thoughts on moodboards, visual research and ideas.
  • Think about colour pallets, throughout the curation, or as a theme
  • Materials needed for display, lighting etc.
  • Underpinning theme ideas
  • Mock up ideas of handouts and publications
  • Typographical ideas – signs, display notes

The first three ideas to be presented on February 3, 2017.

Then, final finished theme proposal to be presented on March 3, 2017.

Group consists of:

James Notarianni (myself), Andrew Sosnowski, Simon Hendley, Hayley coz, Logan Bishop and Reanne Bolah.





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