Group Meeting One

After the summer show briefing our group had a meeting.

Notes from the group meeting are as followed:

Concepts we came up with in a post uni brainstorming session today:

Print is dead: basically just doing all the signage and leaflets and everything with mostly the manual printing facilities  to show our printing skills and also the amazing facilities at the cass.

Process/journey: focusing on process, lots of sketchbooks on display (alongside finished stuff of course) and perhaps an interactive element where people can draw something (mostly at the private view but probably through the rest) to add to the exhibition, so their own creative process and the exhibition is always in the process of being made and then also we’d probably do more to draw attention to the idea of a journey around the displays.

Final/end of an era: it’s the last year the cass is going to do a summer show at central house so it could be interesting to put focus on final pieces rather than progress work and maybe include a tribute of some variety to the cass as it was when we started there maybe in the catalogue or something. we also need to decide if we want to do hand outs, how, etc. we were talking about doing a very simple basic map of the space and including info about each studio in that, and potentially also sorting a mock up for our second more refined presentation.

Ultimately the final design will probably go to the hothouse so it doesn’t need to be accurate in terms of layout and we’re probably going to just use last year’s layout for the example. we also talked about doing a single catalogue instead of a booklet for each studio which could be nice, it’s probably a good idea to invest more time and energy into one really cool thing than 5 mediocre things. James also suggested a QR code placed near the catalogues to allow visitors to view a pdf version online which could be neat.

Minutes taken by Logan Bishop.

(for my own written notes, see my design comp sketchbook)


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