Making a title page for future outcome of this brief can be a bit difficult, seen as have only scratched the surface of this project. However, I know what styles I like, I know my own technique and skill capabilities, so its just a matter of finding the right combination of materials and tools in the letterpress and hoping for the best.

Kim, the letterpress workshop tutor leader, was a great help in making the whole day productive. Kim, got us bouncing around ideas, talking, writing, idea brainstorming. Before I knew it, I had some words prepared, some type set out, and some small ideas brewing.

The day was a great process in being productive, and producing quick work, which turned out to be a success. Everyone’s approach was different, and it was interesting to see the different approaches everyone took. The talks we had about typography were inspiring, yet, I am still drawn to digital type, and find it to be a more efficient and fast way of working with type. Nonetheless, I got to grips with the process of letterpressing and come out at the end of the day with something worth using for the project, and something I rather like.

My thought process for my final outcome (bellow), was about negative space. Using the word ‘Busy’ and keeping it on one side, made the page actually less busy, therefore giving a nice space for the typography to breath. Stacking the letters helped keep the words as far to one side as I could. With my name running across the bottom. I placed my name there as to give the title some authorship, whilst, at a distance, the composition of the typography looks like a capital letter ‘L’. Seen as I’m doing my studio project based on Liverpool Street Station, I felt this was a good outcome, of different combinations.




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