Lino Cutting Workshop

Lino Cutting Workshop had its pros and cons. Taken from my live on site drawings, I chose to make a lino print of a busy crowd from Liverpool Street Station. A quick fire demo from Damien and we were away crafting our prints.

I have taken note that I wanted to do something differently, not just copy the drawing line to line and end up with a boring visual print.


I knew from past experience of doing lino cutting, that once the registration of the lino and paper had been established, it was easier to then layer from the same lino plate once more had been cut away. Picasso was credited for doing this technique entitled reduction lino printing.


So, I took my drawing and had the people outlined, whilst I cut horizontal lines in the lino, to create a sense of depth, whilst leaving the characters in blocks of colour.

On the second reduction, I had cut out most of the background, in order to get the characters in a different colour, thus creating depth from the background.

The third reduction, I attempted to carve out most of the lino, only to leave some details of clothing on the characters, to get more depth. However this did not go quite to plan as the second layer of blue ink was still a bit wet, and the black ink did not sit well in contrast to the dark blue.

All things considered, I can see my errors, what works and what doesn’t. More importantly, I have given the reduction prints a good go, and now know what to do if I choose to do it again for another outcome.




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