D&AD – Initial ideas

I am diving deep and meaningful into this brief. To find wisdom, to share wisdom, to give wisdom, without words. The brief states to “Pack and punch…heartfelt advice…introspective…think fun and life-affirming…all about the craft, real skill”. I have chosen a strong decision to do this without words, no matter how easier it would be to incorporate words into this.

After a tutorial with Susanne, I have written down some thinks I have learnt, still learning, and what I want I think I can share.

For quite some time I have suffered with severe anxiety attacks, and sometimes they get the better of me. However, I have learnt different skills and techniques in order to achieve a more grounded approach when I feel I am losing control.

  1. Trust yourself
  2. Learn to channel the inner ‘I, you and me’
  3. Listen to my language

Those are the top three from many I had written down. I will attempt to now focus my efforts in bringing all, or one, of these statements to life, visually communicated into three posters, or prints.


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