Group Meeting Two

After the First Group meeting, our group met again for a second discussion on any new thoughts about the ideas that we first generated. Plus Hayley, Logan and Reanne, went to the Geffrye Museum, and had thoughts on this.

Minutes taken by Logan Bishop:

Ideas written down: Interactive workshops where you can add to the exhibition (for process concept in particular)
– Not necessarily different colours for each studio
Folding concertina maps
– Poster zines
QR codes (I also had an idea that we could have maps on wooden paddles so we can have a downloadable QR code thing and feed into the idea about not using paper and creating waste, I saw something similar at the Geffrye Museum, will include picture in next msg)
-Interactive selfie area Stuff I took note of that was said in our ‘meeting’ that we should include in the presentation because it sounds good:
-‘this can go beyond just being an exhibition’ -‘all our ideas have elements the university can document and use’
Images taken from Geffrye Museum (see sketchbook)

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