Summer show Presentation

I was appointed presentation creator, I am very comfortable using Microsoft Powerpoint. Putting together some moodboard and colour themes. This is the presentation we presented as a group.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After we presented to our studio tutor we got our feedback notes on what to work on for the final presentation:

Tutor Feedback after first presentation of the three different routes:

Notes to develop for next presentation 3rd March.

Design Competition

Presentation Summer show


James Notarianni

Logan Bishop

Reanne Bolah


Andrew Soznowski absent

Simon Hendley absent

Hayley Cox absent (contributed)



Discussion as a group

Research into exhibition display and design

Using what we have

Reflecting upon what happened before and how to improve


Three routes

PRINT Print is not dead – focusing on print we have at the Cass

THE CREATIVE PROCESS – illustrate the process alongside the final work

END OF AN ERA – Digital work


Process being a ‘curated’ part of the show. Looking at ‘making’ as being part of the final exhibition/ Journey of a project. Think about a new title. Think about the potential graphic language of the exhibition design. Think about activity and live making. Workshops. Look at APFEL, Look at Martin McGrath, Look at, Nous Vous collective Somerset House. Collect visual examples to back up ideas. Look at live ‘making’. Look at makerversity. Think about materials and zones.





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