FMP – Bethlem, Museum of the Mind

I recently been trying to read as much as I can about Bethlem Hospital, as this will be an incredible link to my horror stories for my FMP idea, and it also ties in really well to my Studio brief projects. Upon reading some information on the hospital website I have discovered that they have an archival museum section, with information relating to the first hospital in the year 1230 (onwards) but also how they run their own art and gallery, giving the patients art therapy and other resources to help recovery through mental health. I find this extraordinary!

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“Pills are ok, counselling is ok and it will get you back on the streets, but what keeps your mind alive is what you learn here. That’s what it’s about – keeping your spirit alive.” – Lee, Bethlem artist.

Here >>  << is a link to a video of the Gallery.

The Bethlem Gallery, established 1997, is situated on the grounds of The Bethlem Royal Hospital. Managed by a small, artist-led team, the gallery provides a professional space for high-quality artwork and fosters a supportive artist-focused environment. Exhibitions and events are programmed throughout the year presenting a wide range of mediums and contemporary practice. The gallery is an ideal platform for experimentation, collaboration and skills exchange. Collectively we strive to develop the careers, experience and expertise of the gallery artists by creating opportunities for professional development. Our successful artist-in-residence projects also work with patients and staff on site to improve people’s experience of the hospital environment. The Bethlem Gallery programme includes collaborations with Bethlem Museum of the Mind, artists-in-residence, interdisciplinary research and partnerships with arts organisations across the UK and beyond. We campaign for access to the arts in healthcare environments and engage audiences in learning and debate on the subject of mental health and artistic practice. The gallery is free and open to all. Donations are welcomed. Bethlem Gallery Projects is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and a linked charity (charity no. 1055440-3) to our umbrella charity the Maudsley Charity. (taken from the Gallery website)



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