Screenprint Prep Workshop

Workshop by Ricardo, gave me some even deeper innovations to work on my studio derive project. Ricardo provided us a mini lecture on the elements of design. Something I think artists and designers look past when creating, but use all the time without realising.

Taking these new realisations into account, selecting at least two elements, I went back to Liverpool Street Station, and focused on finding Line and Shape. As I had been focusing my attention on the public/people, I went back on a derive and drew my attention to the architecture on the station. Plus, the brief gave us a specific topic to look for; Beauty.

I was going around looking for some structure which had patterns, shapes, lines, and something that would just wow me. I look high, I looked low,  and I was drawn to the structure of the station. Up high, in the roof, there is a beautiful looking mesh of metal RSJ’s (metal beams) that hold up the roof. This looked quite beautiful to me. of course this was not the only image I took, but for the screen print preparation purposes, I have focused on this image for a blog post.


After some photographs where taken, it to the pc suite and create them into halftone screen images, ready to be screen printed








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